Cinnamon Pull Apart Bread

I’m utterly grateful that my work load for uni this semester isn’t as bad as the previous. That saw my housemates and I being more adventurous and trying out new recipes. I’m not looking forward to returning to SG where work just sucks the energy out of me, leaving me no energy to bake. But I really hope that this time round it will be different. I’ve already pinned many recipes that I want to try!

Does anyone remember the chain of Saint Cinnamon stores that sold cinnamon buns in SG? I remember the buns being sooooo popular that you always had to queue to get some. There was a corner store in Bishan Junction 8 and the wonderful smell of cinnamon buns baking just filled the whole area. For some unfortunate reason, the chain of stores folded 😦 And at a very young primary school age, I learnt about the lovely combi of bread and cinnamon.

So, back to talking about Cinnamon Pull Apart Bread.

For this recipe, the lead baker was E, while G and I assisted. We made it without the use of a mixer as the dough required no kneading which was really convenient! It was only slightly troublesome that we had to proof the dough twice? Well, I guess if you want light and fluffy bread, you gotta exercise that patience. I even had a Bruce Lee moment and had the honors of punching down the dough.

Mmm. It turned out soft and moist, coupled with the crusty burnt edges.

It was a little too sweet for my liking though, so do go easy on the sugar if you don’t have a very sweet tooth. This tastes best when fresh out of the oven. We ate it over a few days and it did dry out a little. Just pop it into the microwave for about 30seconds and it kinda revives its fluffiness.

Can I also give you a heads up on how good your house will smell when this is in the oven???