Caramel Popcorn

I’m still unable to accept the fact that sweet popcorn is not sold at movie theatres here in Brisbane. I am a TOTAL sweet popcorn person. I cringe when I accidentally crunch on that random salty popcorn. Deprivation led me to google for good sweet popcorn recipes. Found a highly raved recipe here.

What unslightly nakedness!

Pop your corn kernels. I learnt how to do it properly from watching  YouTube videos (there’s nothing you can’t learn from YouTube). So go watch some videos there and get enlightened on the art of popping popcorn, rather than me trying to explain it here and plague you with my potentially poor description. Once the popcorn is popped, spread them on a large baking tray where they’re all laid flat and not piled up in a bowl.

Bubbling goodness

Now now, this is where the important part comes into play. Just follow the recipe closely and you will have the same bubbling goodness in no time. Once its ready, drizzle the sauce over the popcorn, mix well to coat every popcorn and bake it for an hour.

The baking is absolutely necessary if you want crunchy popcorn and not “lou hong” ones. So scratch that thought of skipping the baking!!! I baked them for an hour as per the recipe and took them out to mix every 15minutes. Once they’re out of the oven, let the popcorn cool for ~15minutes for the caramel to harden and resist the temptation to crunch into one immediately unless you love having caramel stuck to your teeth.

Bring these along on your next movie date and I guaranteeeeeeeee, your friends will love you even more.